Friday, February 7, 2014

6 Great Video Resources to Help You Market Your Books

In addition to my work as a book publicist, I also teach classes on business communications, marketing, and publicity at some of our local community colleges here in San Diego.

One of the best resources I've found for helping students understand marketing and publicity concepts is video. I show a lot of videos in my classes because a) there are so many good ones out there with great information, b) they're interesting and fun to watch c) my students love them (also, I think they give the students a break from hearing me speak in class).

Here are six of my favorite videos on marketing and promotion. The speakers in these videos offer strategies and tips that are good not only for students and business owners, but also for authors who are looking for ideas on how to promote themselves and their books.

1) 22 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips by Ryan Moore
This is a great overview of ways to use social media to sell products and ideas. I like the way Ryan presents his concepts in an easy and memorable format. An example of a great tip from this video: Give people what they want, by providing a simple answer to a simple question. Brilliant!

2) Ask Jay: 10 Tips Every Marketer Should Know by Jay Adelson and Nigel Dessau
I love entrepreneur Jay Adelson's video series on how to start a business, and I use many of his videos in both my Marketing and Intro to Business classes. Jay's advice is honest and useful, mainly because it's based on his own experience as a successful start-up business owner. In this video, Jay brings in his company's marketing guru, Nigel Dessau, to share advice on how to market products and services. My favorite tip from Nigel: Don't do it all at once. (One caveat: there are sponsor ads in Jay's videos, so be prepared to either sit through them or move your cursor forward when they appear.)

3) The Power of Words by Andrea Gardner
I use this poignant and moving video/fable in my Business Communications classes to illustrate how much more powerful our messages are when we use words that touch human emotions.

4) How Do You Get Free Publicity for Your Business? by Kiyla Fennell
I like the straightforward and accurate information business expert Kiyla Fennell shares in this six step video. The ideas she lists (like defining what you're an expert on and using customer testimonials), are simple, but effective.

5) Selling Your Idea, Not Just Your Product by Aaron Ross
This short video provides some good food for thought for authors. Customers (in an author's case, readers) want to learn from us, so Aaron asks us to focus on defining and sharing the ideas we're selling, rather than the product itself.

6) How to Create a Brand & Find Your Voice by Marie Forleo
Viewers love Marie's high-energy and entertaining videos on how to market and sell just about anything. In this video, she provides four strategies on how to be original in your promotional message, including challenging yourself to state one idea five different ways and telling your own stories.